Z O N A    M A R B L I N G

Murals Without Borders at Giudecca Social Center - Spring 2019

Art Therapy for kids and mothers with Centro Oltre le Nuvole 

Istituto Casa Famiglia San Pio X - Giudecca (Venice) - Italy

Educational Mural Painting at Azzolini School - Mirano (Venice) - Italy

121 children has been decorating the inner garden of their School 
helped by 10 teachers together with a team of parents 
that join to set up the background 




The walls has been painted from 24th April till 5th May. 

Before and After - The Decoration Effects

Social Art at School - Spring 2017 / 2016

Azzolini School - Mirano (Venice) - Italy

Collective Mural Workshop with kids of 9-11 years old

192 small hands has been decorating the entrance garden of their School 
helped by 8 teachers and a team of unique assistants 
from various generations

All participants shared the experience of collective painting 
as public symbol of free will and equal educational rights, 
following an artistic approach to work in groups.

The 120 square meters walls has been painted 
from 26th April till 6th May. 

As conclusion, Major of the Town and Schools Complex Director 
officially brought them all a diploma certificate, 
while their parents were attending the ceremony.

Inspired by the oriental essence of marbling masters method
A creative workshop for all ages, during winter 2015/2016
It has been hosted at "Bhakti Hub" located in Belgrade (Serbia)

Decorating an Air B & B room during summer 2015 with

"Caravan Serai" located at "Mojo Cohouse" in Palermo (Italy)


It has been during spring 2015 a co-production with

"Her Yerde Sanat Dernegi" based in Mardin (Turkey)

promoted together with "Circo all'inCirca" from Udine (Italy)

and sponsored by the Archeological Museum of Mardin

Mardin, Turkey - May 2015 - Children Mural Workshop

Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and Syrian Children from 4 Schools

Painting at the entrance of the Old Town

 Surface: 50 meters long and 4 meters at the highest point  

Realization time: 18 days 

Shahmeran: The Queen of Snakes

Local Oriental Fairy tale Symbol

 Composition of Mesopotamian Mosques and Castle

Creation and concept are based on children design ideas

Collective work in progress

Step by Step

Panoramic View


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Olivera Indjic (Serbia) and David Romanello (Italy)

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